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25 Jan 2021, 7 p.m.
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A picture of maintenance work on the high-level gutters last week. Although the church has had to close during some periods of this extremely testing pandemic, the cost of insurance and maintenance, electrical works, inspections of boilers and yes heating during these cold spells has had to be met. As well as doing all we can to meet our Parish Share which this year is £61200. We are now connected to the Internet and hope to start livestreaming, but this will involve purchasing the equipment.

Thank you to all those who have recognised that the mission of the church continues, that faith is alive and have diligently and generously kept up with their Stewardship giving. Thank you to all who have helped in the maintenance of the church grounds and of worship both virtual and actual. We are here as a presence in this community to share our faith, to be a resource for the healing, re-creation and reconciliation which springs from a loving generous God. Thanks to those who have reflected that love in their love for the living Son of God and for their neighbour in this challenging year, not least by the generosity of giving. We would appreciate everyone who is connected to the church continue to give prayerful thought to their giving in the coming year.