About Us

A lively growing local church, with lots of younger children and well attended youth activities, a commitment to our local community and a great desire to see the good news of Jesus lived out to the full locally.

The church has been undergoing change from a fairly traditional model a few years ago to a more free and creative style looking to keep things fresh and develop our ministry more appropriately for today's world. All our activities are shaped and inspired by the Bible whose radical storyline and message we constantly find exciting and stimulating. We also believe that God acts dynamically and so want to look for what he is doing and wanting to do, praying into this and asking him to lead, guide and equip us. We believe that God loves us with a passion and wishes to be involved in our lives in many ways in a deep relationship of love, and we expect our prayer life to open us up to deeper experience of his presence and power, including in prayer for healing.

We extended the church building a few years ago, with the help of the local children centre, to make the building a better resource space for our community and activities, particularly involving children, including providing excellent kitchen facilities.
We have a church primary school which is multi-cultural and multi-faith and is a wonderful example of true community cohesion (if you will excuse the jargon).
Within the church family we are seeking to meet local community needs with projects, for example, to help people for whom English is a second language improve their English, to offer support to people with health issues working with the NHS, to offer community learning opportunities in partnership with Trafford College and to help people locally with friendship and guidance.
We run an extremely popular coffee shop each week and during term time offer a pre-school breakfast to our school families on Fridays, seeking to encourage both family time together in the morning and walking to school together afterwards.