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The view from the 'pew'

22 Apr 2020, noon
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Then there were three.

Tuesday, 21st April

Hi Gill, By all means share it. A smile is the best defence against all adversities. Winston tells me he is writing a blog. I'll put you on his blog list if you like. He was quite impressed by the leopard, though not impressed enough to invite it onto his dwindling patch.

Sunday, 19th April

This morning our little congregation swelled to three. Margaret and I were joined by Winston the cat. Although handicapped by a somewhat poor attention span he did manage to stay the course, at least as far as the story of Doubting Thomas. It was at this point that he decided that he had given the nice lady who lives inside the computer monitor, more than enough time to hand out the cat treats that were now, so obviously, not about to materialise. So, with a sniff of dismissal he headed for the window-sill where he turned his attention to glaring at the cheeky birds parading around his garden, dreaming, no doubt, of those long-gone days when he had both the speed and the energy to scatter them to the four winds. (He stopped trying to catch them when, upon his laboured approach, they began giggling and nudging each other whilst nodding, derisively, in his direction)

With our congregation now returned to its normal two, Margaret and I gratefully followed the rest of your service to the very last piano note.