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A number quiz

25 Jul 2020, 11 a.m.
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I have done this quiz on a rainy Saturday afternoon

This is a numbers quiz every question or answer has

a number in it. , it’s very mixed, some are easy and

some a bit harder.



NO 1 What is the third largest of the Canary Islands

No2 What did Edward11, Richard11 and EdwardV111?

do when they were all Monarchs

NO3 How many sides has 20p piece (no looking)

N0 4 What was the name of the oil tanker that went aground in


N0 5 Which was the first of the 13 original states in the USA

N06 Who wrote the music for the threepenny opera?

N07 Under which name was Erich Weiss 1874-1926

N08 Who was crowned Holy Roman Emperor in AD800?

N09 How many films did James Dean appear in?

N010 The names of British Racehorses are limited to

how many letters

N011 What is the 3rd letter of the Greek Alphabet?

N012 In which year did the M1 Motorway Open?

N013 How many times did Charlie Chaplin Marry?

N014 Which DJ was the first voice on Radio 1?

N015 How many counters are on a backgammon game at the start?

of play

N016 Which pub in Bromley, built in1930 is said to b e the largest?

in the country

N017 Which indoor game was invented by British Army Officers

in India in 1875

N018 1n 1919 which pianist was elected Prime Minister of Poland

N019 Which 3 coniferous trees are native to Britain?

N020 Which duo has a hit with Would I Lie to You?

That's all folks

Compiled by D.Parkinson