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Welcome to St Paul's

St Paul’s is a member church of the Benefice of St Paul’s Norden, St James Ashworth and St Michael’s Bamford. You are very welcome to visit St Paul’s, Norden, a Church of England parish church where people have worshipped God for over 150 years.

This is a living church. We continue to grow in Christ, building on and respecting the traditions of the past while looking to the future. We use a variety of forms of worship – from the ancient and beautiful prose of the Book of Common Prayer right through to modern language services, sometimes with multimedia support. The faithful preaching of the Word, and the power of prayer are central to all our services.

We have a dedicated and skilful choir to support our worship. New members are always welcome.
We occasionally give recitals on our Allen digital organ.

We love our planet, and are working towards becoming an Eco-church, trying to reduce our carbon-footprint, minimise plastics and to manage our churchyard in a way that makes it an attractive home for more of God's creatures.

We care very much about people too, so we are a Fair Trade church, and often have a stall after services selling ethical goods.

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