Church of England Diocese of Manchester Lever Bridge

Coronavirus/Covid-19 : churches and Christians are in the news!

26 Mar 2020, 1 p.m.
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Sadly we are closed for the duration of the "Coronavirus crisis", the epidemic occurring throughout the world.

However, as the Body of Christ, we are united with Christians and those of other faiths and none who are caring for people who are ill, elderly, vulnerable and lonely. We use our Facebook page to stay in touch with each other, but please consider whose who do not use social media but are at the end of the phone: our neighbours or family members. Here we are Christ's eyes, ears, hands and feet, to care for each other.

As we know, the biggest challenge now is to distance ourselves physically from others, so as not to spread the virus. This does not mean anyone has to feel isolated or lonely. So stand 2m away from each other, look at each other and smile when you're out walking or cycling, and wash your hands.