About Us

The primary purpose of Newcastle Cathedral is to be a place of Christian Worship: where the God of love is honoured; where the Christian faith is “taught and caught” and where people of all faiths and none may have an encounter with the living Christ, who, we believe, has the power to transform lives.

As the “Mother Church” of Newcastle Diocese we strive to offer our very best to God in all that we do. Like any good mother we aim to provide a varied diet of nourishing spiritual “soul food” to all who worship with us. Here you will encounter anything from a high mass with incense and glorious choral music to a lively All-Age service with lots of participation. Firmly within the Anglican tradition, and in keeping with our Liturgical Statement, we strive to offer worship that is attractive, participative and informed by our regional culture and context.

Whether you come to the Cathedral for comfort, community, contemplation or challenge, we hope you will find a service that meets you where you are, and enables you to meet with God there too. We look forward to welcoming you – and hope that you will want to come again soon.