About Us

Serving Killingworth Parish for over 150 years.

We have a ministry team led by Rev Dr Sarah Moon who is Priest in Charge assisted  by Rev Alan Meighen (Associate Priest and also Airport Chaplain) and Frances Pattison (Reader)  

We are a friendly, welcoming church community serving Killingworth and the surrounding area.

We meet each Sunday and at various other times through the week, for prayer, study and fellowship. Our refurbished community hall is used by a variety of local groups.

Our mission statement is

“To provide opportunities for all people to grow in faith, care and use God given resources:

• through our worship and education both within and outwith the Church

• by using our present fellowship within the Church and by making wider contacts outwith the Church, in the Parish and further afield and

• by using our God given resources – financial, buildings and personal talents, all of which are available to us in this mission.”


The Church is a Grade 2 listed building, built in 1869 to a design by Bassett Keeling of London. 

But a church is made up of people and we hope you will find us friendly and welcoming if you come and join in any of our activities.



For pleasure and spiritual uplifting - Sarah Moon’s blog. 

You will learn about her personal journey of faith, but also find a treasure trove of the scriptures and short lessons on their content and other ‘thoughts for the day’.

"I've been writing a blog post each day, as personal discipline and in the hope that it helps some folk.... "  Revd. Sarah

 Link to Sarah's Blog 

All the content of the blog is Revd. Sarah's personal reflections, views and opinions not necessarily those of St John's or The Church of England.