About Us

St Cuthbert's is the small church in Brunswick Village, serving Brunswick Village, Brunswick Green and Hazlerigg.

All are welcome at our relaxed services. Although there is currently no Sunday School, there is a play area for young children, at the back of the church. Young children are always welcome, their noise adds to the worship.

The church was built in 1905 when Brunswick Village was still called Dinnington Colliery and served the families of local miners. Its design is consequently simple and reflects the generations of ordinary people who have worshipped here. Indeed, the present congregation are mainly ordinary people, who are friendly to newcomers.

St Cuthbert's was originally a chapel linked to St Matthew's Church in Dinnington. In 1988 it became a church in its own right in the newly formed parish of Christ the King.

Rev Mark Edwards MBE was licensed to St Cuthbert's in Brunswick and St Matthew's in Dinnington, by Bishop Paul on 5th September 2008. He leads lively services where, he says "almost anything can happen" and the unexpected often does.

We are fortunate to have a Visitor, Jennie Johnson, who also provide pastoral care. Sadly we no longer have our dear Lay Reader, David Gray. he will be greatly missed.