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The best way to get to know us is to come along to one of the church services or activities, but we realise that is not possible for many of the people visiting this website. However, if you can make it to one of our services, then please do come! Check out the Services and Events section for service times.



JPC was consecrated on 14th January 1861 as

"a church in memory of the late Rev. Richard Clayton . . . in which evangelical truth shall be declared", which would, "form a central point for the maintenance and promulgation of sound scriptural and evangelical truth in a large and populous town." 

Today JPC is a large conservative evangelical church situated in the heart of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. We believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God and that He speaks to people through it today. We therefore seek, in line with our consecration statement, to make the Gospel of the Risen Lord Jesus Christ known to the city around us.

Our congregation is made up of ~1000 different people ranging from babies to seniors, full-time students to full-time workers, people from the area to those from all over the world. We run programmes for mums and toddlers, children (up to age 10), youth (up to age 18), university students, the retired and more! We also believe that, in a large church, everyone should be involved in a small group of some sort in order to study the Bible together, for fellowship and for prayer.

Please contact us to find out about what there is at JPC for you.



The Mission Statement of JPC is summed up as

Live Godly Lives - loving God by trusting in Christ and obeying the Word. (Matthew 22.37)

Grow the Church - making disciples by telling the world and serving the church. (Matthew 28.19)

Change our Nation - loving our neighbour by caring for needs and contending for truth (Matthew 22.39).

This comes from the Great Commandments of Jesus and his Great Commission.

For further information on this, our doctrinal position and ministry areas please see the section below.



For further information on JPC please contact the church office via the Contact Us section.

Please visit our main Church Website and also our Internet TV channel, Clayton TV. There you will find a host of resources and programmes including a video of our weekly 10.30am & 6.30pm Sunday live stream.