About Us

St. Hilda's was built as a daughter church of St. George's when the houses and flats were built in 'West Jesmond (for people who were mainly railway workers) when the railway began to expand. The Parish was formed in 1909, four years after its Consecration.

The church features a 'Hanging Pyx in the Lady Chapel - the only one in the Diocese. A special feature is the War Memorial Triptych, painted by F. H. Newbery. The external panels depict the Annunciation. the central pane; depict the Virgin and Jesus, Saint Hilda, Cullercoats Fishwife, a Miner, Engineer, Shipman, St. Nicholas. On one side there is a depiction of Roman centurion and Norman knight, the other side panel depicts a sailor and soldier from the First World War. 

It is a very beautiful piece of early 20th Century art with wonderful details from local life. Restoration with nave sanctuary carried out in 1981.