Facilities and features


We have a toilet with full disability access for use when church is having services and events. Sorry, it will not be open to the public routinely.
Baby changing facilities will be installed in due course.

Public car park nearby.

New toilet just built. Has disability access but not open to the public. Sorry this is not possible due having insufficient carers to look after it daily.

There is a public park across the road and a little up the hill. (The look over the hill is worth seeing!)

New concrete path right up to the front door.

Our Building

Working towards gold standard.

Music and Worship

We have concerts throughout the summer months.


Groups, Courses and Activities

Help for Visitors

Available inside the church.

Now recovering from the pandemic we are planning to have the church open daily. We need more local volunteers to help us with this.

Other Features

Please contact Rev Alison Hardy or church warden Christine Hunter 01665 576981.
This may be changed in the near future while we confirm hire agreements etc.