About Us

We are a lively, friendly congregation - relaxed and informal in our style of worship, using contemporary music with a talented group of musicians and singers.

Our children and teens are very active members of the church.

Relationships and friendship are very important to us - so as well as putting a high priority on growing our friendship with God, we put a high priority on our friendships with each other. Our various social get-togethers help us to do that. New people are always very welcome and soon integrated into the church family.

We meet in a school, so we're a bit short of stained glass and pipe organs.

We believe that God has put us: "Here to serve, Jesus, each other and the community."

Our goal is to enable people -
To grow in their faith and understanding of Jesus Christ,
To experience the reality of the Spirit of God making a real difference in our lives,
To discover that, though there is much on offer in this world, God's Got More!