About Us

Grange Park Church is an Anglican and Baptist Local Ecumenical Partnership.

We meet together on Sunday mornings as a focal point of our church life and in small groups called PoDs (Pocket of Disciples) during the week. Key to our life here lies in our small groups, which meet regularly with a desire to be people who are growing up in Christ, growing together in love, growing out to witness and growing more in grace.

On Sundays we run three different children’s groups for different age groups, except for the 1st and 5th Sunday of the month, where we hold all age family services. 

We have a youth group for the older children, which runs on a Sunday evening.

During the week we also run Stepping Stones for pre-school children and their parents/careers, as well as a Friendship Club for the over 60’s where you can relax and chat with friends over a cuppa and cake and make new friends.

Our Church Vision -

We are:
Followers of Jesus called to be Good News to Grange Park and beyond.
Disciples who make disciples.
A Multi-streamed church.