About Us

We exist to seek to help everyone to know Jesus, worship him and share his love. Exton is part of the family of churches of Cottesmore, Greetham, Stretton, Clipsham, Thistleton and Exton.
It seems that the first church was built in the C12th. Although the present church dates from C13th and C14th it was restored by the Victorians because of a hailstorm in 1843 which caused a lot of damage. Five of the six bells date from the C17th. The church contains nine important monuments; the earliest dating from the C14th. The replica banners are also of note.
If you wish to be emailed a weekly copy of The Herald from the Hub, the newsletter for our family of parishes (Cottesmore, Greetham, Stretton, Clipsham, Thistleton and Exton) please contact us.

Our rector is Revd Anthony Oram


Please visit the Benefice website for more details: www.northrutlandchurches.org.uk