About Us

We are a Society Church in the anglo-catholic tradition and one of the most visited and photographed churches in the United Kingdom.  As a Society Parish, All Saints and St. Albans are under the episcopal care of the Bishop Of Richborough, one of the special bishops provided by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to give sacrament assurance and pastoral care to Parishes who have passed a resolution under the House of Bishops’ Declaration. We are in vacancy at present and served by visiting priests, whilst awaiting authority to recruit for 2023.

The church was built on "The Hill of the Gods" in Saxon times. Its main claim to fame is the mural of Christ Crucified on a Lily, depicting the co-incidence of Good Friday and The Annunciation. (Tradition holds that the Creation of Man, the Re-creation of Man in the Womb of Mary, and the Salvation of Man on the Cross all took place on the same day of the year; this calendrical coincidence actually happens a couple of times every century) It is a fine example of medieval art, and a rare example of the use of green pigment from that period.