About Us

Welcome to Christ Church, Gosport – a classic Church of England parish!

By “classic” I mean that we reflect the spirit of the Church of England as it has long been understood: traditional, but modern; reflective and engaged, but also fun; not too “high” church and not too “low church”; a proper “parish” church, where the bulk of the congregation live very locally and many of them have lived here all their lives (but also love to welcome newcomers and learn from them!)

Here at Christ Church, you’ll find classic Church of England features: a building with beautiful stained glass windows and all the traditional bits and pieces, but also a coffee corner and children’s corner. A classic Parish Communion Service, and a monthly Family Service. Children’s groups and a church school. Church fairs and socials………and of course, the odd fall-out – but everybody mucking in and keeping everything (mostly!) going and growing………

Christ Church is united with Holy Trinity Church, Trinity Green, Haslar Road – a church in the Anglo-Catholic [smells and bells!] tradition, with worship conducted in a circle around a central altar. Andy was vicar of both churches, but he has moved onto a new parish and we await a new vicar.