A Big Thank you!

To all who make regulation donations by standing order through their bank accounts, to all who make donations through collections at Church services and to all who support Church fund raising events.

Your PCC is responsible, as trustees, to maintain your Church and ensure it’s continued presence in our community; without your generous support this would be not be possible.

Helping St Peter’s Church through Giving

The Church of St Peter’s is like many other village churches where running costs, although tightly controlled, are relatively high in comparison to the average weekly congregations. Your Church needs to find a minimum sum each year to discharge its obligations, and ensure that our Church is there for all of us for the big events in life: Birth, Marriage and Death, pastoral care and for the special services that occur each year. Even a modest regular amount given each month can enable us to continue to provide these services.

If you would like to help there are a number of ways that this can be done:

Gift Aid – making donations go further

St Peter’s is a charity and if you are a tax payer you can help make your donation go further at no additional cost to you by making a Gift Aid Declaration:

Completing a Gift Aid Declaration does not commit you to any particular level of giving but does ensure that any donations you do make attracts a further 25p in the £1 at no further cost to you, which our treasurer reclaims from the government at the end of each tax year. Any Tax Relief due on donations you make is available through your Self Assessment tax return.

If you prefer to make your donation during the Church service please place your donation in one of the Gift Aid envelopes provided, write your name address and date on the back of the envelope (Important Note: please ensure you include your house number/house name), before placing the donation in the collection. This simple action increases the value of your donation, however large or small, in the same way as if you had completed a Gift Aid Declaration.

Regular Giving

Making a regular monthly or yearly donation by bank Standing Order. If you are a tax payer please also consider completing a Gift Aid Declaration. Even if you are a non-tax payer regular giving is particularly helpful as it assists us to plan financially.


Please see below to download copies of our Standing Order and Gift Aid Declaration forms.

Please tell us

If you feel able to help please let our Treasurer/Gift Aid recorder know if you set up a standing order and/or complete a Gift Aid Declaration at:

     Mr Paul Reeves,

     Queens Spinney,

     Ashurst Road,

     Ashurst, Kent.

     TN3 9SU

     Tel: 01892 740837

or by sending an email to us at: [email protected]

This will greatly assist our treasurer coordinate donations with Gift Aid Declarations and ensure the correct amount of tax is reclaimed from the government for the benefit of St Peter’s.

Thank you for supporting St Peter’s Church.

Standing_Order_form, PDF


Gift_Aid_form, PDF