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The Church on the Road: Inclusive, Eucharistic, a safe place to be with God

Located on South Road, St Mary's is the parish church of Walkley, Sheffield. The church serves all who live in Walkley and the surrounding area, as well as many visitors passing through.

St Mary’s Church is a place of beauty and peace. It was built to the Glory of God, and to serve the community. It is part of the Church of England, and has a weekly pattern of “traditional” worship, including hymns, prayer and Holy Communion. 

St Mary’s preserves much of the history of Walkley and is a focus for community events. It is an excellent venue for concerts and exhibitions, and a resource for local schools.  The community hall adjoining the church provides disabled access and is available for hire.

In 2019, we installed new artwork to mark our 150th anniversary: a series of stained glass windows designed and made by the artist Mark Angus, located at the West End of the church. The series highlights the role of biblical women in Jesus's life and ministry, as well as depicting the Resurrection as a counterpoint to the Victorian East Window (which features the Crucifixion).

All are welcome to worship with us on Sundays mornings at 10.30am and at festivals throughout the year.

Visit the parish website (stmaryswalkley.co.uk) for more information about our patterns of worship and parish activity.

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We work in close partnership with two other local parishes: St Mark's, which serves Broomhill and Broomhall, and St John's in Ranmoor.