About Us

All Hallows' Harthill with Woodall offers you a warm welcome.

For over 800 years All Hallows' has been a centre of prayer fir the parish of Harthill with Woodall. The church is always open for daily prayer. We pray regularly for the community and all who live or work within the parish. In this ancient house of prayer you can be received into membership of the Church family through baptism, it is here that the lifelong commitment of marriage can be sealed and blessed; here that we gather together to give thanks for the lives of family and friends at a Christian funeral.  

All Hallows' is much more than just stones and mortar.  People make the church and growing numbers of all ages gather here each week to learn about God and to meet with him in worship.  We like to think of ourselves as one big family with God as our Father.  Long -standing friendships are formed as we try to serve God together.  We hope that you will discover something of God’s love, which is revealed through his Son - Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour.

'God loved the World so much that he gave us his only Son.'  John 3 v16