About Us

There has been a church in Wales for nearly 1000 years. The origin of the name Wales may either have come from 'Weales' meaning foreigners, the name given by the Anglo Saxons to Britons, or alternatively from the word 'Waelas' meaning field of battle.

The Parish of Wales is a long and slender 1320 acres. The Church was once one of several Chapels under the Mother Church at Laughton. It became a separate parish in 1868  We pray regularly for the village and all who live or work within the parish.

In this ancient house of prayer you can be received into membership of the Church family through christenings, here that the lifelong commitment of marriage can be sealed and blessed; here that you can gather together to give thanks for the lives of family and friends at a funeral. We are also open daily for prayer and visitors.

Wales Parish Church is much more than just stones and mortar.  People make the church and growing numbers of all ages gather here each week to learn about God and to meet with him in worship.  We like to think of ourselves as one big family with God as our Father