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A head for heights required

19 Oct 2020, 7:45 a.m.
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From the specialist firm who have been on the church roof;

This is why we are having an appeal to repair the building:

Following last weeks works I thought I'd write a brief summary of our findings;

The Apse roof requires re-tiling. We carried out temporary re-tiling work the best we could which could see you through a year or two, but we recommend carrying out the remedial works as a matter of urgency due to wood fungus in the timbers/ roof void

Luke tap tested the wall between the lead flat roofs and the dome and found that on the whole, it is in sound condition with isolated loose render spots, particularly at the corners.

We installed a lead sleeve over the base of the cross on the dome roof which should stop the persistent leak if it was due to the rotten wood. If the leak persists, it will be due to another hidden weakness. I did notice that the join between the lead round base of the cross and the stump appeared less than satisfactory.

When Luke and Dave re-set the copper clips, they found the tiles to be rather difficult to walk on. Great care should be considered when the main works are carried out on the dome.

The hoppers next to the lower asphalt roof were both blocked with tennis balls causing major leaks. A regular gutter cleaning and checking is recommended.

We resealed and re-set the cast guttering on the south side of the Nave so that the water will drain correctly.

You can see pictures of the works carried out here

Thank you for your hospitality and all the best.

Kind Regards,

Mr Rob Buckley | Vertex Heritage and Specialist Roofing