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St John the Baptist, St John's

Built on the site of an ancient keeill, the chapel of St John was first referred to in 1557,
but was likely to have been built before this date.
In 1847 the chapel was demolished and
in 1849 the current building was constructed from local granite and marble. 

The church was known locally (and historically) as 'The Royal Free Chapel of St John the Baptist'
and 'Tynwald Church' due to its associations with Tynwald
It's 'official' name is now 'The Parish Church of St John the Baptist, The Royal Chapel'.

The Church has been a parish church since 1949 when it ceased to be the chapel of ease in the Parish of German
and became the Parish church of the newly created Parish of St Johns. 

In 2012 the Parish was reunited with the Parish of German along with the Parishes of
Kirk Michael and Patrick to form the new Parish of the West Coast - Skeerey yn Clyst-marrey.

The Church is open daily from 9am until 6pm. 
Do visit and find out more about our unique place within the history of the Isle of Man,
 our life today, and our future journey under the guidance of God.