About Us

There was an ancient keeill on this site dedicated to St Abban, and various building have replaced it over the millennia.

By the 19th century the church had fallen into disrepair, and a visionary bishop (Ward) envisaged a building that could provide both a centre of worship and a school for the children of the isolated community. It was con­secrated, and the elementary school opened, on May 14th 1836, and named St. Luke's. It is a quaint building with a unique atmosphere, added to by its oil lamps and central stove. As you face the building, the left-hand (westerly) section was the school, with the entrance still intact, and the right-hand (easterly) portion the church. The two were separated by a wooden screen, which can be slid to one side to enlarge either part. The old fire and the teacher's dais are still in place in the schoolroom.  Whilst the church is left open, sadly, we have had to lock the schoolroom due to thefts.

The church is always open as a place of hospitality, refuge and prayer.

(In damp weather the outer door sticks - just give it a shove!)