St Peter's Farndon

St Peter's, Farndon is one of four churches in this benefice. The others are All Saints, Hawton,  St Laurence, Thorpe and St Michael's Cotham. 

There cannot be very many residents of Farndon who haven’t at one time or another been inside, or at least in contact with, St. Peter’s Church. An ancient building, it stands proudly as the oldest structure in the village.

Its close association with St. Peter’s Church School means that over many years children have visited it for regular school services. Walkers strolling through the village have passed its tower. Many people have attended the various social occasions such as concerts, fairs, Christmas tree festivals, Easter egg hunts, and exhibitions that have been held inside its walls, and they will be aware of its comforting welcome with its central heating and upholstered chairs. Its dignified interior reflects a past record of Farndon’s history through the centuries in the shape of its varied architecture, beautiful stained glass windows, wall-mounted tablets and war memorial.

But of course its prime purpose through the centuries has been to act as a consecrated place for acts of worship celebrating the passing seasons, and to provide a calm and dignified place for those significant occasions in peoples’ lives such as baptisms, marriages and funerals when we all need to get in touch with our spiritual side.

With all this in mind the emphasis is on the fact that St. Peter’s is the church of this parish of Farndon, and, sadly, the only surviving place of worship in the village. As such, it is open to all and it offers to everyone a warm welcome. To this end we have an array of services introducing a less formal morning service called ‘Worship for All’ which takes place on the 1st Sunday of each month at 11.00 am and a more ‘user-friendly’ form of Holy Communion on the 4th Sunday also at 11.00 am. We would love to see you there! Any time!


The parish of Farndon with Thorpe is committed to the safeguarding of children, young people and adults. We follow the House of Bishops guidance and policies and have our own Parish Safeguarding Officer (PSO).

Full details are on our "Safeguarding" page.

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What's on

Mid-Week Communion and Prayer Time

Every Tuesday at for 1 hour, 30 mins
St Peter's Farndon
West End Farndon, NG24 3SG, United Kingdom

Quiet Prayer from 9.15am

Our Communion Service starts at 10.00 am, to which you are all most welcome. If you find yourself free earlier, we hold a time for prayer from 9.15 am. Do come in and join us as we pray and spend time together.

Very occasionally the communion service is replaced with a service of Morning Prayer.