About Us

The most important thing about any church is the people. The people who come to St Swithun's Church on Sundays enjoy traditional Church of England worship, normally with an emphasis on traditonal music.  During these Covid times we are not allowed to sing so we sometimes have recorded hymns and anthems, and sometimes we follow the words while the organ plays.

The church building is normally open for tourists and visitors on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  But during this Covid crisis we regret that we cannot welcome you at the moment.  However, there is a brief virtual tour of the church on our website.  It's not the same as a real visit but it might give you a taster and encourage you to come again when the church is once more open to visitors.

St Swithun's Church is normally the venue for most civic services in Retford. Many other special events take place in the church, such as Time Travelling (which provides a multi-media experience for all the children from local schools). The annual Christmas Tree Festival brings together businesses, schools and voluntary organisations that serve the community.  But all this is on hold for the moment.  We pray that the Coronavirus will soon be tamed!

The Church Council believes strongly that the mission of St Swithun's Church is to serve the whole community, and to provide a lasting reminder, through its building, of the presence of God with us.

We have no Vicar at the moment so we are praying that God will raise up the right person to lead the church forward.  Please add your prayers to ours, and pray too for our Bishop, Paul, in this Church of England Diocese of Southwell and Nottingham and those who are considering who might come.

The first recorded reference in history to a church in East Retford comes from 1258. But most of the church was rebuilt in the 1650s, following the collapse of the tower in 1651.  When you do get into the building you will find that there are some interesting memorials and some fine stained glass to enjoy.