We welcome enquiries about baptism in St. Michael's Church.

Please get in touch with our Baptism Co-ordinator - Telephone 01777 702515 - with the following details:

Your name

The full name of the person to be baptised

Their date of birth

Your address

Your contact details, including a telephone number

However we do ask that you live in the parish (in which case you have a legal right to a baptism), or that you have a strong connection to St. Michael's Church.

It is customary to have three godparents, two of the same sex of the child being baptised, and one of the opposite sex. But this is no more than a convention (though an ancient one) and you are welcome to choose such godparents as you wish; they must, however, be aged 16 or over.

We also welcome enquiries from older children and from adults wishing to be baptised.