About Us

About St Mary’s Church

St Mary’s is the Parish Church of Attenborough in the Diocese of Southwell & Nottingham. It is situated on the edge of Attenborough Nature Reserve near Nottingham. We believe that God loves us and that God loves you. Everything we do is founded on this belief. Although we don’t like labels, the following keywords may help.

Anglican. We are Anglican (Church of England). This means that we are part of a worldwide family of churches and have a rich spiritual heritage. We provide a range of services, both traditional and contemporary, together with a variety of activities and groups for all ages.

Evangelical.  We treasure the Bible which inspires us in our belief and practice. We long to see people’s lives transformed through a relationship with Jesus.

Caring.  We come from a wide range of backgrounds and aim to be real, generous, and welcoming.

Our building is a beautiful historic one, well cared for, warm and welcoming. Within the church grounds is the burial place of the remains of over 130 victims of the 1918 Chilwell shell filling factory explosion. A new memorial was dedicated in 2018 and can be seen in the church grounds.

Our church spire can be seen by all those who walk in the Nature Reserve. A church with a spire though, at the end of the day, points to another reality; set as we are amidst such worldly beauty we cannot lose sight of our Creator, and our praise here ascends beyond the world around us to the heavenly places. We hope and pray more than anything that some part of that heavenly love will fill your life when you visit us.

We believe that authentic Christianity can make a real difference to our lives and to the lives of those around us. Why not come and see for yourself?

Please look around this website to find details of upcoming events and information about the Church itself.

If you are unable to find something you are interested in or you have any other enquiries, then please contact the Parish Office on 0115 925 9602. If we are not available, do feel free to leave a message or email us at [email protected].