About Us

Langar and Barnstone are neighbouring villages (combined population about 1000), twelve miles south-east of Nottingham.

As the largest of the church buildings in our parish, St Andrew’s is well placed to host our monthly all-parish Holy Communion; this is a firm fixture in the life of the parish and has been a great enabler in developing a sense of unity. There are strong links with the church school in the village. The children are encouraged to visit the church as part of their all-round education, and to use it for some assemblies, the nativity play and the end-of-year leavers’ service.

The church has strong contacts with village organisations in both Langar and Barnstone, through individual membership and through the annual village carol service, for which most organisations provide a reader or choose a carol. Langar Church often hosts deanery events and meetings of Deanery Synod.