Safeguarding Statement

We take the safeguarding of children, young people and adults very seriously. We work to prevent abuse from occurring, seek to protect those that are at risk of being abused and respond well to those that have been abused.

Our parish safeguarding policy statement and full policy can be viewed on the notice board just inside the front door of the church.

If you are concerned that a child or vulnerable adult has been harmed or is at risk of harm, please do not hesitate to contact the Church or Diocese Safeguarding personnel for advice and support.

Parish Contact

If you wish to report an allegation of abuse from the past, or in the present, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your information will be treated appropriately and kept confidential.

The parish Safeguarding Officer is Rebecca Kelly, telephone 07779 393834. 

Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor

If you would prefer to speak to the Diocesan Safeguarding Advisor Team you can reach them on 0113 3530 259 or 07872 005189. They will ensure your call is returned as soon as possible. You can always call the police on 101 or Childline on 0800 1111

If you have concerns about safeguarding or want to know any more information about our safeguarding policy or practices, please contact the church office, telephone 0113 2189686