About Us

'St George’s Church is a welcoming Christian fellowship of people who strive to live out the Gospel, sharing Jesus’

message of love and hope in our community through prayer, worship and action’.


St George's Church <span style="font-size: 1rem;">Lupset is situated about a mile from Wakefield city centre, close to Junction 40 of the M1. It is very well served with public transport being on two arterial bus routes and in close proximity to Westgate railway station.</span>

St George’s Lupset is a UPA parish with considerable disadvantage however there is a determination within the community to make the experience of living here a very positive one. The parish comprises part of the biggest council estate in Wakefield, originally built to accommodate the families of coal miners, a private estate on the southern boundary of the parish and a linear development of private housing along the main roads through the parish. There are approximately 11,000 people in the parish according to the last census.