Church of England Diocese of Winchester Northington and Swarraton

Facilities and features

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Accessible by taking stairs or on even ground when the vestry is open.

In the area surrounding the site of the old church and the existing War Memorial

Under the organ down stairs. Flat access from outer door to the vestry when unlocked.

When there is a Service or Event, the West Door is normally unlocked and provides a flat access for those who find it difficult to walk and tackle steps.

Only switched on whilst Services are taking place

Our Building

The church is Grade 2*.
The churchyard wall is Grade 2 in its own right.
The War Memorial is Grade 2 listed in its own right.

Music and Worship

We have 6 full circle ringing bells as well as a 1602 Tenor bell that is installed as a fixed Service Bell.

There are numerous concerts. The church has exceptionally good acoustics and hence we are a favourite concert venue. Candover Valley Choir, Vox Lucis and Vox Cordis (the later being a London Choir) all regularly perform at the church.

An organ made for the church whilst it was being built. There is also a Clavinova available for use.

Candover Valley Choir meets here most Thursdays at 1945hrs.

Groups, Courses and Activities

Help for Visitors

There is a quality guide pamphlet available upon entry for which we ask £5.

Normally mid morning to mid afternoon unless the weather is inclement.
Please be aware that the church is opened by a group of local volunteers.
The West door is unlocked for Services and Concerts which allows level access by disabled folk.

Other Features