About Us

St Thomas' Church is situated in Charlton, a lovely church which is popular for Weddings, Baptisms, funerals and other religous occassions.

Our beautiful Edwardian village church - the church at the centre of the village - has been skilfully adapted and extended to serve as a community centre. The parish's population is nearly 5,000. We are thrilled that Young Church is growing and a youth group contributes to the wider life of the parish. The Family Service attracts young families. We have produced seasonal service books from Common Worship, including a simple booklet for the Family Service. Last year we welcomed 2,500 visitors for special occasions (weddings, etc.). The congregation are committed, kindly and welcome newcomers. Look out for the notice in the porch: "Carpenter needs joiners."

We also have disabled access, a loop and audio system and on site parking.