About Us

All Saints' is a Christian Church serving the town of Basingstoke. We are a community of women and men who gather together to worship God, no matter where you come from or who you are, we hope that you will feel welcome at All Saints.  In our worship, we follow a tradition that is thousands of years old; we share a simple meal of bread and wine with one another, we do this in obedience to Jesus Christ's instruction to his followers.

All Saints' is part of the Church of England, our worship is in the Anglo-Catholic tradition, and our teaching and theology is liberal. We encourage the ministry of all God's people, sharing in our vocation to proclaim God's love in this place and in our community.

All Saints’ Church is proud to affirm the gifts and insights that our women priests have brought to the Church of England over the past 20 years. We pray that we may soon experience the gifts of women as bishops

In this part of the Church of England, we welcome all who come, of whatever age or gender or sexual orientation or whatever other wonderful variety of human that God has created

All Saints' is part of the Team Parish of Basingstoke, which includes St Peter's, South Ham; Christ the King, Brighton Hill; and St Michael's in the Town Centre. We are in the Diocese of Winchester.