About Us

The Vision of St. Mark's is to have Jesus at the heart of all that we do as individuals, as a church and as the community of Kempshott. Our Mission is to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to serve, share and support in all these areas.

St. Mark's is a dynamic and thriving community of Christians journeying together through life, towards God, trying to make sense of it all!

Our parish includes the old 'village' of Kempshott. We are situated on the south-west edge of the town of Basingstoke in the beautiful county of Hampshire. As a parish community within the Church of England, St. Mark's is part of the Deanery of Basingstoke and the Diocese of Winchester.

With our faith firmly rooted in the person of Jesus Christ and the Scriptures, we draw on our rich Christian heritage and tradition to help us proclaim the unchanging Gospel to the ever-changing world. Making connections with the people and world around us is a key part of this task. As we help folk to see an extraordinary God at work in the details of ordinary daily life, we all move closer to God as he draws us to Himself.

For more information visit our website at http://www.saintmarks.org.uk