About Us

We are an inclusive, welcoming and vibrant Anglican parish for all ages, situated in the heart of Winchester in a lovely part of southern Britain. We are committed to serving the community both locally and beyond. We want to be radical in demonstrating that the root of all we seek to be, and do, is found in the love of God.

St Matthew’s is a beautiful, intimate church with a history dating back to the 12th century. For many years, until St Paul’s was built in 1870, it was the only place of worship for the parish. Here, the Book of Common Prayer tradition is still cherished and used at both midweek and Sunday services. We are delighted to welcome people joining us for the first time.

St Matthew’s is usually open from Monday to Saturday from approximately 10 am until 4 pm. You are warmly encouraged to visit – to enjoy the peace and holiness of this ancient place, to say a prayer. It’s worth taking a moment to ponder the beautiful stained-glass windows, on the right as you enter the church, and along the left-hand wall. In March 2017 we completed a building project at St Matthew’s, which is enabling us to sustain and expand our role in the community.