About Us

St Barnabas is the parish church for people living in the Winchester suburbs of Weeke, Harestock, Teg Down and the green fields of Barton Farm.  We are a Church that is passionate about:

 God (not really a surpise!) and the person of Jesus Christ.  In what we do, we seek to become more like him in character and actions.   Creating places of belonging, where people become part of a church community, making a contribution to the life of St Barnabas but also receiving as well. Making a difference in the places that God calls us to - specifically Winchester and its northern suburbs but also Yei in South Sudan. 

We hope to be a faith community for sceptics to mature Christian believers and all shades in between!  While our Sunday worship celebrations are important to the rhythm of the church, we are constantly creating small groups and informal places during the week where people can explore what Christian community looks/feels/tastes like and imagine what renewal might look like in our homes, suburbs and city.  

We believe that the good news of Jesus has the power to transform individuals and communities and that God’s desire for his creation is that it should be renewed and restored - a message of hope lived out in a stressed, messy and broken world.

So at the heart of St Barnabas is our desire to seek God; to grow in the quality and depth of relationship with him and each other and to step out in service to our local communities.  Why not join us and see where God might take us together?