About Us

The Priory Church of the Holy Trinity (Christchurch Priory) stands between the town and the harbour where the rivers Stour and Avon merge.  Prayer and worship have been offered on this site for more than 1,300 years, and in this Priory Church for over 900 years, by people who have left behind a testimony to their faith in the architecture of this magnificent parish church which dates back to Norman times. We are open every day of the year, and welcome a large number of visitors from across the world.  Christchurch Priory is the longest Parish Church in England and is larger than 21 English cathedrals.

A wide range of services is on offer in the Priory, many of them involving our choirs which are among the best parish church choirs in the country. As a Christian community, we set out to be welcoming and inclusive, and so the Priory is also used by the people of Christchurch for weddings, funerals, baptisms, and other significant events in both local and national life.

All are welcome: come and see; come and worship.