About Us

A lovely church in the Avon Valley. It is open each day for quiet and prayer and well worth a visit, a real oasis of peace and stillness. We host a lot of weddings as we are next door to Sopley Mill (see http://sopleymill.co.uk/).

Our Sunday worship is as follows-

1st Sunday of each month      8.00 Said Eucharist (Book of Common Prayer)
                                                      11.00 Matins (Book of Common Prayer)
2nd Sunday of each month     11.00 Eucharist
3rd Sunday of each month     11.00 Family Eucharist
4th Sunday of each month      11.00 Eucharist
5th Sundays                          11.00 Eucharist
Please see our website, www.burtonsopley.com, for more details and also for information regarding weddings.