What do you feel passionate about and how as a church can we help you with that? We need to become radical rule breakers where we see injustice and also know when to keep the rules – God’s rules. A SERMON

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Borrow some of books you need from a library rather than buying them. Support libraries – there are social, environmental and community benefits. – The Eco Tip for the ninth Sunday after Trinity 2019

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In thinking about how to have a balanced life - let alone a balanced life with God one of the great contributions was made by St Benedict of Nursia who insisted on the life balance between work and prayer for all who lived under his rule. THE VICAR’S

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Lead theft at St Mark, Ampfield has damaged 24m of the roof of this historic church. If you stole our lead - please get in touch. We want to help and we know people rarely steal for fun

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