History of St Andrew's church

Although our parish church is medieval, the site may well have had religious associations a lot earlier. William the Conqueror granted the church to the Abbey of St Martin de Marmoutier in the 1050s. Taken over by the Crown in the later middle ages, the Rector is still appointed by the Crown. 

 The earliest parts of the building date from the 12th century, although some stone may have been re-used from an earlier building. Additions to the tower and north aisle were made in the latter part of the 15th century. Internally all medieval arrangements have disappeared, following Guernsey's Calvanist period from the 1560s to the 1660s and Victorian restoration. The present arrangement and furnishings, a result of generous donations over the past 100 years, offer a church of great charm and a welcoming and peaceful ambience.

There are links to an article about Daniel Durand, Rector of St Andrew between 1780 and 1794 and a recent history of St Andrew's church, written by Dr Darryl Ogier, formerly Guernsey's Archivist.

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