Our Parish Safeguarding Officer is: Annette Stewart - Tel: 236244 - [email protected] <span style="font-size: 1rem;">and can be contacted about any safeguarding related matter. 

In ensuring high standards of practice in safeguarding we are also supported by the Diocese of Canterbury's safeguarding advisors, who work closely with the Guernsey Police and specialist staff of the States of Guernsey Committee for Health and Social Care.

The Safeguarding Advisers are qualified and experienced social care practitioners who can provide advice and guidance to parishes and others in the diocese on child and adult protection. They can offer advice, discuss any protection matters and clarify anything in the Deanery Guidelines. They are always ready to work with you to plan a detailed response to any protection issue, taking into account all aspects of your particular situation. Please do not hesitate to contact them; they are always very ready to help.

Paul Brightwell: 01732 384734 - [email protected]

Fiona Coombs: 07548 232395 - [email protected]

Further Safeguarding Information

More information about the Church of England's commitment to safeguarding can be found here.

The Church of England Diocesan safeguarding contacts can be found by clicking this webpage

If you are concerned about a child in Guernsey or Alderney, contact the Islands Safeguarding Children Partnership.