St Saviour's Parish Church, Jersey

Welcome to St Saviour's Parish Church. We are a welcoming community and our worship is probably best described as 'classically Anglican'. We have a strong choral tradition, so our main service at 9:45 is usually a Sung Eucharist. There is a traditional Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion service, which is said (no music!) at 8 o'clock. A number of groups use the church building during the week and we encourage anyone to pop in and appreciate one of the most beautiful churches in Jersey. We are part of a diverse community in this busy, high-profile parish. Here is some information about that parish we all feel called passionately to serve:

The Parish of St Saviour is the second most populated parish in Jersey, with some 13,000 parishioners. The Parish is bounded on the south by St Clement, by Grouville on the east, Trinity on the north and St Helier on the west. The Parish is split into 6 sections called Vingtaines, the church being obviously located in Sous L’Eglise, Petite Longueville which strangely is larger than the Vingtaine of Grande Longueville, Pigneaux, Sous La Hougue and Maufant.

The parish of St Saviour is notable for its diminutive slice of coastline; most of it is actually taken up by The White Horse public house. The north of the Parish is more rural with many large herds of the famous Jersey cow. The village life is centred around Maufant which has a garage, small supermarket, and youth centre. The southern end of the Parish, which is mainly Grande and Petite Longueville, is quite densely populated and is home to a trading estate, Waitrose supermarket, Longueville Manor Hotel (Relais & Châteaux hotel), St Luke’s Church, which is independent of the Parish Church, and Georgetown Methodist Church with which the Parish Church has had close relations in recent years. There is also Howard Davis Park which boasts beautifully manicured gardens and is often used for large music events for top UK artists.

Over half the schools on the island are in the Parish, both state-run and private. Several of the schools have close links to the Church both through involvement with family and special services on Sundays and through the Rector of the Parish being welcomed to take assemblies and classes. There are particularly close links with the nearest state primary school, our namesake school, of St Saviour. 

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8am Book of Common Prayer Holy Communion Service

Every Sunday at for 30 mins
St Saviour's Parish Church, Jersey
Jersey, United Kingdom

A traditional service of Holy Communion according to the Book of Common Prayer, this service is said with a short homily and lasts approximately 30 minutes. Despite the formality of the worship, the group of about 10 'regulars', known at St Saviour's as our '8 o'clockers' are extremely welcoming and there is plenty of chat before and after the service!