About Us

Close by the Malvern Hills in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, St Gregory’s Church, Castlemorton, a Grade 1 Listed building, is a fine if understated example of an English country church in which the varying architectural styles of the past 900 years blend seamlessly to reflect the continuity of the generations that have built and nurtured it. 

One of four churches in the benfice of Longdon, Queenhill, Bushley and Castlemorton, St Gregory's shares the services of our vicar, the Reverend Chris Moss.  St Gregory's usually hosts a Family Service at 10.30 on the second Sunday of each month.  Kaleidscope is held on the fourth Sunday of the month at 1830. Please check the calendar.

Whilst the heating in the church is of a traditionally indifferent style, the warmth of the welcome to visitors from the regular 30-strong congregation more than compensates.