St Mary's Spire Project

Updates and progress on the repair of the St Mary's spire

June 2024: Work to be undertaken is:

i.  Disassemble the top 8 courses of the spire and re-build, replacing any overly decayed stones with those dressed to match existing;

ii.  Install a new vane rod and concrete counterweight within the spire to stabilize it, and hold the weathervane which is to be re-gilded and redecorated;

iii.  Install ring ties throughout the spire;

iv.  Areas of cracked stone to be cross-stitched and pinned with resin-fixed stainless-steel spiro-ties;

v.  Cut away decayed string course sections and replace;

vi.  Repairs to the lightning conductor;

vii.  A thorough scheme of repointing to complement the above works, filling open joints and replacing older cement pointing as required.

July 2024: We have now obtained permission for the work to take place and are seeking tenders for the repair work.