About Us

Saint Andrew's is the parish church for the village of Ombersley which lies within the Worcester Diocese of the Church of England.

The church is a fine example of the work of architect Thomas Rickman. Completed in 1829, it copies fourteenth century styles with a high stone vaulted ceiling and stained glass windows. The chancel of the former, 13th century, church survives in the churchyard and is now a Sandys family mausoleum.

This is a lovely spacious church which is a beautiful setting for weddings.

The service pattern at Saint Andrews is as follows:

 The First Sunday in the Month 

A Common Worship Holy Communion service is held at 11:00 a.m.  Children are welcome to join their families for a blessing at the altar.

The Second Sunday in the Month

A ‘Friendly informal Sunday Service’, FISS family-friendly and often ‘themed’, is held at 10 a.m. This lay-led service does not include Holy Communion and is particularly suitable for children to attend. This is likely to be outside in the summer. There're refreshments afterwards.

The Third Sunday in the Month

This service will take the form of Common Worship Morning Prayer, it will be held at 10 am and will be lay-led. Coffee to follow

The Fourth Sunday in the Month

A united service of Holy Communion with Hartlebury and Doverdale will be held at 11:00am. The service will rotate between the three churches - Doverdale, Hartlebury, Ombersley.

A Fifth Sunday in the Month

10am - united service of Holy Communion for the 7 Parishes which will be held at one of the churches in the 7 Parishes.

Coffee is provided after all services at Ombersley and from 10:30 before the 11:00am services.

If you would like transport to any of the 'away' services, including the 5th Sunday, please let one of the Church Wardens or PCC Members know. 

For detailed information, including times of services, please visit our parish website: https://www.st-andrews.church