Church of England Diocese of Worcester St. John Kate's Hill


Sunday Services  A Service of the Word start at 10:00am and last for approximately 45 minutes. 

PLEASE NOTE on the 3rd Sunday in each month we start at 9:30 for Holy Communion. Also when there is a 5th Sunday all the Dudley Churches worship a one Church. Please check before attending

Getting here

We bid you a warm welcome to the Parish of St. John the Evangelist, Kates Hill. We are an open and welcoming worshipping community for the young and old alike and you are very welcome to come and join us any time. Whether just visiting or looking for a new family to worship with, our doors are open to you

St .John's Church has been a centre for Christian worship and service in the Anglican style for over 170 years on Kates Hill. The old church building was built in the Victorian style, mimicking the older Medieval 'Perpendicular Gothic' pattern of the mid-fifteenth century.

Sadly, in December 2002 the church building was deemed unsafe for public worship and the doors were locked on congregation and public alike. Although this was a cause of great sadness to the congregation and community, the true spirit of the Church of Christ was not defeated and the service patterns and worship at St. John's continued without missing a beat by transferring to the Parish Hall just across the road.

In 2004 the PCC requested that the old building be made redundant as it was no longer suitabe for the pastoral needs of the parish. Additionally repair and renovation costs, excluding any alterations were likely to exceed £1.5million this was before the building was listed in 2008. In July 2016 the Diocese granted a charity (not connected with St John's Church in any way) a lease on the building, this charity intends to restore the building and use it for community purposes.

Nevertheless the Church at Kates Hill carries on in the Parish Hall. As Christians we see Christ as the foundation of the Church and the people of Christ are the church, not the buildings.

The future of the burial ground at St. John's is that it will continue to have a separate identity from the old building and are at no risk from any changes it may undergo. Efforts by the local community have made the churchyard more accessible than it has been in many years. So if you haven't been for a wander through our beautiful Churchyard with its magnificent views of Dudley, the Castle, the surrounding counties, TV masts at Sutton Coldfield and the BT Microwave towers at Newhall Street and Pye Green (15 miles north), be sure to visit soon and receive a 'Bostin' Black Country welcome

St. John's Road
Kates Hill

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