About Us

Nestling in the Clent Hills, St Kenelm's Church stands on the reputed site of the martyrdom of St Kenelm, King of Mercia.  The holy well at the head of the Stour has been a place of pilgrimage and prayer since Saxon times, and we welcome pilgrims and passers by as well as serving the nearby villages of Romsley and Hunnington.  Worship is held here each Sunday when the weather allows, although some services are held in the Chuch Hall in Romsley Village.

St Kenelm's is one of the five parish churches of the Halas Team Parish, working alongside St John the Baptist, Halesowen, St Margaret of Antioch, Hasbury, St Peter, Lapal and St Peter, Cradley.  We seek to live faithfully with an open and welcoming spirit, inclusive of all in worship and seeking to promote the Diocesan values of love, compassion, justice and freedom.

Here is forgiveness, and with forgiveness, peace.