Church of England Diocese of York Husthwaite with Carlton and Birdforth

St Nicholas - Husthwaite

St Nicholas serves the village of Husthwaite, and is part of the Byland Churches group. We meet for worship regularly and visitors of all ages are welcome. Whilst we are no longer able to meet regularly in person, please join us at for worship, news and resources. We are now beginning to hold occasional services, so please see the one-off events page to see what is happening and how to book a space.

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John Ovenston

The Croft The Nookin Husthwaite York YO61 4PY

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Worship for All

24 Oct 2021, 10:30 a.m. for 45m
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Centre of village

Bible Sunday

Covid Precautions - as legally required on the day or if none, to suit your own sense of comfort.

Where to find a service if none at St Nicholas' Church in Husthwaite

1 Oct 2020, midnight