Church of England Diocese of St.Edmundsbury & Ipswich Bentley

The Friends of St Mary's

Friends raise money, not for the 'housekeeping bills' but to help with the cost of the preservation of the fabric of the church and for the insurance.

Can you imagine Bentley with a crumbling church? Do you wish to see the church there for future generations? Perhaps you would like it to be available for family occasions such as baptisms, weddings and funerals but do not worship regularly there. Or perhaps you just feel that the church is part of village life that should be preserved. The church as a religious centre is the responsibility of the churchgoers. But the congregation by itself is too small to carry the burden of its upkeep. It is 900 years old - do we not all have a responsibility to assist in the continual maintenance of the church as a historical centre of our village for future generations?

Since 1997 the Friends have raised money for the annual insurance premiums and various projects to preserve the fabric. Because of its age and being Grade II listed any repairs tend to be expensive.

Will you be a Friend?

Annual subscriptions are single person £15, Couple £25. We are a registered charity and so we can reclaim Gift Aid from the Government.

Please contact David West 01473 327900 for a membership application form.